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Mike Tarpey's Final Fantasy XIII-2 collector's edition, on release day in early 2012.

Dew's Backlog

The real final fantasy is me finishing all of my games.

View from the outdoor basketball court by Towers on the UConn Storrs campus.


Generate March Madness brackets based on the results of a Monte Carlo simulation.

Mike Tarpey in the mid-90s using a PC for the first time.

Time Capsule

View my first websites, created as early as 2006.

A white board of ridiculous football season hot takes from some of the members of Mildred League.

Mildred League

Winners get wings.

The DDR Extreme cabinet at the Virginia Beach Lynnhaven AMC on prom night 2010.


My attempts to reverse engineer PS2 DDR memory card data for scores and statistics.

Mike Tarpey playing at Daytona Beach as a toddler, with his mom and sister.


A selection of the memories I carry around.